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Trade Fair & Products

We manufacture our own industrial cleaning chemicals that are environment friendly, green & biodegradable. A wide range of multi purpose floor detergents, sanitizing & disinfectant chemicals, air fresheners & deodorizers, hand, hair & body shampoo, floor strippers, acrylic emulsion floor polishes, carpet shampoos, car shampoos, soap powders & laundry detergents.



We distribute a full range of commercial & industrial cleaning equipments like dry vacuums, wet & dry vacuums, even backpack vacuum, floor scrubbers, floor polishers, auto scrubber driers, floor sweepers, carpet shampoo extractor machine, windblowers and high pressure jets. Since we are direct import all these machines and offer repair & servicing. We thus keep ample stock on vacuum motors, spare parts & accessories.


We have a wide range of hotel, housekeeping & janitor cleaning products like chambermaid trolley, Janitor carts, single mopping bucket with wringer, double mopping bucket with wringer , multi level cart, waste, clinical & recycle bins, window cleaning tools, brooms, brushes, floor squeegees, round wet mops, long dust mops, microfiber flat mop and floor signages.


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We also distribute a complete range of washroom & hygiene products, work safety products and hardware cleaning tools. Kindly view all these in our products list.