( Powerful acidic cleaner & descaler )

* Removes scale and stains from toilet mosaic floors and urinals easily

* Kill bacteria and odours

* Removes grease,grime,rust,algae and slime on hard surfaces

** Do not use on marble,granite,natural stones,polished tiles.

** Use with understanding

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Specification   Appearance Clear Transparent Bright Red Liquid Odour Strong Pungent pH (+/- 0.5) ‘1 Viscousity Low Packing 3.5L,5L,10L,20L,200L Dilution 1:20 Routine periodical cleaning,rinse thoroughly   1:1 Very stubborn stains,rinse thoroughly Caution Avoid contact with eyes,Do not ingest, Keep out of reach of children

*more details on application, product datas & MSDS please contact JBS or Appointed Dealers

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