Janitor, Cleaning And Hygiene Product

We have a complete range of janitor cleaning and hygiene products. From our own established JBS industrial cleaning chemical, industrial cleaning machines, housekeeping carts, buckets & trollies, rubbish, clinical waste and recycle bins, window cleaning tools, dry dust mops, round wet mops, brooms, brushes and floor squeegees, washroom and hygiene products, 3M cleaning pads, floor mattings, work safety products, floor signages, cleaning equipment motors, parts and accessories. Last but not least general housekeeping cleaning tools.

JBS Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Machines

Carts & Buckets

Bins & Receptables

Window Cleaning Tools

Dry & Wet Mops

Brooms & Brushes

Washroom Products

3M Cleaning Products & Floor Mattings

Safety Products & Floor Signages

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General Cleaning Tools & Others